Geyser Repair in Dwarka

Geyser Repair in Dwarka water heater problems and what you can do about them. Covered are gas storage water heaters, and electric storage heaters.

Geyser Repair in Dwarka

These articles discuss water heater problems and what you can do about them. Covered are gas storage water heaters, and electric storage heaters. Tankless water heaters are beyond the scope of any of these articles, but there is some information about installing tankless water heaters and common tankless water heater problems.

How to Flush a Gas or Electric storage or tank-type water heater

Water heater manufacturers recommend flushing sediment from your storage type water heater periodically. How often your heater needs flushing depends upon the hardness of the water in your area. Areas with high mineral content will have to flush more often, especially with tankless water heaters.  This article gives you a step by step guide to flushing your water heater if you have a sediment problem.

Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Replacing your old water heater or installing a new water heater is not a difficult job if you are inclined to tackle it. This article will take you step by step through the processes of replacing your tank type or storage type gas or electric water heater. Begin heater removal by turning off the gas or electricity to the water heater, and then drain the tank. If the water heater is gas, check to make sure the pilot light is out.

Water Heater Sediment, What Is It and What Should You Do About It?

The sediment that settles to the bottom of your hot water heater can be sand or other debris from your well or the water mains, or it can be minerals, like calcium carbonate, that precipitate out of the water at higher temperatures. Occasionally the water company may flush sediment from their mains by opening up a fire hydrant full blast for a while. If you use your hot water while the sediment is flowing by your home you will end up with some of that sediment too.


Gas Water Heater Trouble Shooting Guide, Repair and Maintenance

Gas water heater trouble shooting guide with advice about pilot lights, dip tubes, slow recovery, TPR valves, sediment and more. Do not attempt to trouble shoot or repair your water heater unless you are a qualified technician. This gas water heater trouble shooting guide assumes that the water heater was properly installed and was operating correctly before any problems developed. This guide is not meant to be a comprehensive trouble shooting document, just a general guide to common water heating problems.


Before trouble shooting your gas water heater check for the odor of gas.  If you smell gas call your gas supplier immediately and have them check for leaks.

Electric Hot Water Heater Repair Guide

Geyser Repair in Dwarka ,These are the most popular brands for Water heater Geyser Repairing In Dwarka, Bajaj, Venus, Kenstar, Usha, Crompton, Racold, Havells, Etc. Electric hot water heater trouble shooting and repair guide covering thermostats, TPR valves, dip tubes sediment buildup, test heating elements, and more. This guide assumes that the hot water heaters were properly installed and were operating correctly before any problems developed.


Most electric hot water heaters have two thermostats, one near the top of the tank and one near the bottom, and are covered by removable metal cover plates. The thermostats are pressed firmly against the bare metal wall of the hot water heaters tank.

Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Common tankless water heater problems are often due to improper installation. Tankless hot water heaters require a lot more care during the installation.  Improper installation can in many cases invalidate the warranty on the heat exchanger. Most manufacturers require that the heaters be installed by factory trained service people. The most common installation problems result from things like too small a gas line, improper venting and poor or non-existent condensate drainage. The problems often do not show up until years later.

Slow Hot Water – Why Does It Take So Long?

There are a number of things that affect the time required to get hot water from your water heater to your fixtures.  Obviously the pipe length from the water heater to the fixtures is a factor as is what kind of pipe is used, ambient temperatures, pipe diameter, insulation, main pressure and more.  If you have a tankless heater it will typically take 10 to 20 seconds longer than with a tank type water heater.

Gas Water Heaters – Problems, Solutions, Repairs, Fixes, Maintenance and More!

Gas water heaters get the tank up to temperature about twice as fast as electrics heaters, and costs about half as much to produce the same amount of hot water. Even though gas heaters are less efficient than electric heaters the electricity is almost three times as expensive as gas. The article covers such things as TPR valves, dip tubes, sediment, noises, odors, and more.

Electric Water Heaters – How to Test, Fix, Heating Elements, Thermostats, High Limit Switches, TPR valve Complete With Diagrams

Topics covered in this article include TPR valves, the testing of heating elements, dip tube, Anodes rods, High Limit switches, Upper and Lower Thermostats, Circuit Breaker, drain valve and tank.


Electric water heaters have a TPR valve (Temperature Pressure Relief) or T&P valve, which is a safety device that releases pressure if the pressure or the temperature reach an unsafe level. All tank type units must have a TPR valve, otherwise they could blow up. There is a manual release lever located on the valve. According to most water heater manufacturers, TPR valves should be periodically tested by lifting the manual release lever at least once a year.

Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

It’s not unusual to trace problems with tankless water heaters back to an improper installation. Unlike standard tank type water heaters, tankless heaters need more care during the installation.  A poor installation will in often invalidate the warranty. To validate the warranty many tankless manufacturers require that the units be installed by factory trained service people.

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