We Repair All Brands

Our OK Repairing Services  Home Appliances commitment to bring professionalism, good service and trust to the home repair service and maintenance business. We take immense pride in sending some of the most professional handymen to your homes to fix things that aren’t working.

The Service Master has around Delhi NCR region and offering world class, reliable and cost effective refrigerator repair, washing machine repair, microwave repair, air condition repair, dishwasher repair and other repairing services for major home appliance service needs. Owing to our multi brands appliances repair and servicing, our customers find brand expert technicians to look after the repairing and maintenance of the appliances in short time possible. The Service Master is your one stop service point for all your home appliances and other electronic products.

Vision: to be the first name in the minds of the Indian people when it comes to house repairing and maintenance needs.

Mission: to make house repairing and maintenance one click affair with our reliable professional, expert and tech savvy services.


  • Reliability of our team, our commitments and our services
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism in our presentation and approach
  • Expertise in whatever we do.
  • Modernity in technology and in mindset

In our persistent endeavor to provide you with reliable, punctual, professional, expert and modern services, we always have a strict check over quality we are delivering.

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