Fully automatic front load washing machine: BLUE STAR’s Supreme care range of frontload washing machines are powered by the patented 6th Sense SoftMove Technology.  With a chic made in Europe design, it’s difficult to ignore its elegance as an added feature to its supreme & customized by fabric washing experience..Choose from a range of 7kg to 9kg load washing machine

Fully automatic top load washing machines:  This range is lead by the 360° Bloomwash washing machine which is bestowed with the intuitive 6th Sense TumbleCare Technology that senses the laundry conditions and tumbles clothes in a unique 360* Tumble motion.  The other options like Stainwash Ultra Stainwash DeepClean add to the impeccable horizon of washing solutions BLUE STAR offers in the range of Top Load Washing Machine.  Choose from a range of 6 kg to 12 kg load washing machine.

Semi-automatic: With classy design as well as smart features, this range of  BLUE STAR semi-automatic washing machine bids you a convenient washing experience. The semi automatic washing machines range from a capacity of 6 Kg to 8.5 Kg loaded with superlative features like Stainfree Technology, Pentawash Technology,  Lint Filters, Turbodry & many more.

BLUE STAR FastCool–The Zero-Compromise AC is driven by the philosophy of Zero Compromise on Air Quality, on Cooling Comfort and on Peace of Mind. BLUE STAR ACs boast a 7-Stage Air Treatment that makes indoor air quality better, a best-in-class cooling standard along with leading-edge features for long life of the air conditioner, which come together to make BLUE STAR FastCool one of the best AC in India.                  

With their sleek, clean styling and design, BLUE STAR TVs are the focal point of any room. Patented technologies and innovative features allow our LED & OLED televisions to deliver unbeatable detail, colour and contrast. BLUE STAR televisions offer high resolution picture quality with infinite detail.

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